Falling. It’s Falling.

Image                         Fallen sky. Photo by Katelyn Avery.

The sky isn’t coming down, but changes are. Winter, my handsome guest, is leaving. Spring does eventually grow on me but green grass doesn’t beat sledding hills. This is my opinion not a fact from southern Connecticut.

My hands are slowly moving back, but the hug isn’t complete. Connecticut’s winter may last deep into March but April doesn’t take in stragglers. That eviction notice will come and the new resident Mr. Springtime will move in.

Mr. Winter will be missed but I will be a gracious neighbor. Many activities can be done in the spring. I won’t even think about snow after a while. Mr. Spring and I can form a friendship, but it won’t be closer than my winter bond.

-Katelyn Avery

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About Katelyn The Journalist

Katelyn Avery is a Connecticut based writer, born in 1993. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2016. As someone who has enjoyed writing since childhood Katelyn is very excited to see where her passion will take her.
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7 Responses to Falling. It’s Falling.

  1. gpcox says:

    Are you certain you want to be a journalist and NOT a novelist?


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