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Beauty in a Barn

Horse. Photo by Katelyn Avery. “Black beauty” describes her well. If the horse is female. I forgot what the teen caregivers said. Regardless Ebony is beautiful.  The word horse makes me think of the plains. Western movies flash through my memory. … Continue reading

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Delicious Choices

Cupcake. Photo by Katelyn Avery. Diets are for other people. This girl needs her cupcakes. That crème filling does not like to be ignored, and the chocolate shell wants to be opened. I enjoy my sweet choice. Brand names don’t … Continue reading

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May 15, 2014 Retired Ladder. Photo by Katelyn Avery. Against the wall the ladder leans. I guess I should say the “Old ladder” now though. It’s been awhile since it made its way onto the dance floor. It’s been replaced … Continue reading

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Skating Away

 Broken Skateboard. Photo by Katelyn Avery. Skateboarding has left my life, but only for the time being. The spirit of skateboarding will stay with me during this break. I will continue you to flip through skateboard magazines and follow publications … Continue reading

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