Leaning Back: Still Got It

May 15, 2014


Retired Ladder. Photo by Katelyn Avery.

Against the wall the ladder leans. I guess I should say the “Old ladder” now though. It’s been awhile since it made its way onto the dance floor. It’s been replaced by an old star.

The detached ladder, that calls the edge of the office/garage combo home, watches the dance. The ladder that comes down from the garages above crawl space takes the lead. The detached ladder used to show off some moves during new paint jobs to the outside of the house and garage, but its been awhile since those days. 

Leaning, forever leaning, but not in a pile of dust. It’s almost impossible to join the ladder because it has the same aura as James Dean. A cool dude who eventually has to get older. The empty spaces around it are filled with a vibrant personality. Stories rightfully belong to that ladder, and their good ones.

The paint stained ladder is set aside, but not discarded. There’s still some juice in there, although not literally of course. There is no rust to be seen. Just a leaning hunk of metal, that isn’t ready to be scrapped.

-Katelyn Avery

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About Katelyn The Journalist

Katelyn Avery is a Connecticut based writer, born in 1993. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2016. As someone who has enjoyed writing since childhood Katelyn is very excited to see where her passion will take her.
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3 Responses to Leaning Back: Still Got It

  1. Katelyn, I always enjoy your posts and read them faithfully. Many are like this one, little prose poems.
    In the third paragraph, I think you mean aura, not ora, and at the end of that paragraph it should be they’re, not their. I don’t want your readership to shy away because of typos!


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