Giving Soda a Rest

Coca-Cola truck unloading in Connecticut. Photo by Katelyn Avery.

Coca-Cola truck unloading in Connecticut. Photo by Katelyn Avery.

I’m a soda addict. I’ll admit it. It was actually one of my concerns right before transferring to a four year university. Despite being a junior this is my first time in a dorm. My community college, like many others, was only for commuters.

I danced around the idea of bringing soda to college, but I knew it would be in the dining hall. Also, I wouldn’t have to pay for each drink. Well at least not in cash. My meal plan, and my ever growing college debt, covers my soda fix.

The first day in the dining hall was experienced with my mother. August 27th was move in day for transfer and returning students, and most students used one of their guest meals for their parents to eat. We rushed into the room, as only a few parents and students were there. The lunch hour hadn’t quite yet hit, so we tried to get our food before the crowd.

Diet Coke and Coke Zero were my options. Good choices because I don’t usually like regular Coca-Cola. I know Diet’s actually worse for you, but I prefer the taste.

It was hot. Outside, and inside the dining hall. Despite my desire for soda I opted for water. I’ve given myself a headache before, drinking soda when I should have had water. I’m getting older, even if older only means 21. Soda can’t be my 24-7 drink anymore. I had started to wean myself of soda in high school, but nothing as drastic as what I did next.

I didn’t have soda that meal, a choice I make during most college meals. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped drinking soda. It just means it’s hot and I need to stay hydrated. I opt for orange juice in the morning, water throughout the day, and sometimes ice tea. I’ve also had a few other options, but those are my main three.

This lifestyle change may not be permanent, as the heat will slide out with October’s arrival. However, I do know that I feel better health wise.

Soda helped me through some life problems. Money was tight at home so milk, mostly saved for cooking, water, and soda were the main drinks. I couldn’t stop drinking it. Now that college provides me with more options, and a mental boost, being a soda addict is no longer an everyday issue.

I’ll be home next weekend for a cousin’s birthday party, no doubt drinking soda once again. Still, it is nice to take a break from soda, from any brand of a soda.  Soda has not been removed from my life, but it no longer has 24 hour “chill rights”. It’s time to let other beverages hang out with me.

– Katelyn Avery

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About Katelyn The Journalist

Katelyn Avery is a Connecticut based writer, born in 1993. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2016. As someone who has enjoyed writing since childhood Katelyn is very excited to see where her passion will take her.
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