Words Unsaid: 10 Years Since High School

In less than a week it will be 10 years since I graduated from my suburban Connecticut high school. 10 years since we threw our caps in the air. No shade, but I don’t miss it. I flew off that football field like an eagle after the ceremony. Adulthood’s fun. I’m not a millionaire, and bills suck, but I’m still enjoying adulthood way more than teenhood. I think that means I did this growing up thing right. Anyways, here’s my letter of words unsaid. Oh the memories, and lack of proper punctuation because things are more raw that way.

To that couple who took away the shortcut to my 11th grade science class, because they chose to make out in it. I really think we could have worked something out. I didn’t mind that you were slammed up against the lockers in an empty side hallway. I just wanted a shorter route to class. There were over 2000 kids moving around the halls and I was so excited to find a vacant place where I wasn’t smushed. The private air was nice too. I wasn’t judging you guys, but I could tell you were nervous about people coming, mostly because one of you said “Someone’s coming.” I stayed on the main path to class after that day. I missed my shortcut for weeks after that. Also, I bet you guys broke up. It’s the teenage thing to do.

To anyone who ever hosted an assembly at my school. I love you. Because of you we got out of class and I learned not to do drugs. Thanks.

To the kids that randomly did a flash mob one day in the cafeteria. That was awesome and I wish that happened like once a week.

To the building itself. Why did some of the classrooms not have windows?

To the cafeteria food. I miss the quesidillas. I actually found where to order them and considered buying a case. Then some schools donated them to the homeless shelter I work at, so we were reunited there during meals and snack time.

To my math and science classes. Not the teachers, the actual subject. I still hate you, and after college I never needed you.

To the items in the lost and found bin. Did you miss the teenagers you belonged to? Did you feel put in the corner? Did anyone ask you to dance? Did they claim you as their belongings? Or did you just get dumped into the dumpster?

To the senior lounge. You were a glorified cafeteria and nothing more.

To the old auditorium that was there for most of my high school years. You had a lot of heart and ugly orange chairs.

To the new auditorium that was finished during my senior year. Well, at least I got to meet you. It would have been nice if you were around during my freshman year.

To the printer I almost killed because I was printing invitations that were very busy. Sorry! I didn’t think about how much ink would be needed per page.

All in all I survived high school. It was just a phase in my life. It’s not even weird that it’s been 10 years. Because of all the time that’s past I even got to make this post! I’m like old now, but honestly being 28 is great. To all my high school memories. I’m glad you are just memories now.

About Katelyn The Journalist

Katelyn Avery is a Connecticut based writer, born in 1993. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2016. As someone who has enjoyed writing since childhood Katelyn is very excited to see where her passion will take her.
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  1. I hope that couple is still together. Also, this was funny.


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